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The Grammar Cookbook


"its" or "it's"?
"e.g." or "i.e."?
"who" or "whom"?
"complimentary" or "complementary"?
"their", "there", or "they're"?
"your" or "you're"?

Find the answers to these - and many other - grammatical puzzles in

The Grammar Cookbook

The Grammar Cookbook is an easy-to-read reference book that shows you the most common grammatical, punctuation, and word usage errors, and how to correct them.

It's a sad fact that many youngsters do not learn correct grammar and punctuation in school these days. And poor grammar in your company's printed and written communications can be very embarrassing. That's why we compiled The Grammar Cookbook!

The book is divided into five sections:


Apostrophes, commas, colons, dashes, hyphens: Which should you use, and when?

  • Should there be an apostrophe in the word "its"? (Find out on Page 26.)
  • What's the difference between an "em dash" and an "en dash"? (Find the answer on Pages 16-17.)

Word Usage

"Everyday" or "every day"? A collection of everyday word usage errors.

  • Is it correct to say "bought" or "brought"? (See Page 44.)
  • If we talk about a person being hanged, why do we say "hung, drawn and quartered" and not "hanged, drawn and quartered"? (Find out on Page 60!)
  • What's the difference in meaning between "i.e." and "e.g."? (See Page 67 for the answer.)


Words that look and/or sound similar, but have quite different meanings.

  • "Bare" or "bear"? Why would it be extremely embarrassing to say "PLease bare with us while we remodel our store"? (See Page 115.)
  • Which is correct: "capital" or "capitol"? (Find out on Page 122)
  • Why could it be a very expensive mistake to offer "complimentary therapies"? (See Page 127 for the answer.)

Points of Grammar

Nouns, verbs, adjectives: What are they? And what are the important ingredients of a sentence? We provide brief coverage of these topics here.


Quickly look up the answer to a specific question by using the Index.

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The Grammar Cookbook is presented in an entertaining, non-technical format, with clear examples and amusing anecdotes to illustrate the points. You can use the book in various ways:

  • Read a few pages a day to brush up on your knowledge
  • Use the Index to look up the answer to a specific question
  • Take it on holiday and read it from cover to cover like a good novel!

However you use it, you are sure to find it very useful.

It's the grammar reference book that no business should be without!

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The Grammar Cookbook is published in three editions:


The economical edition


You're bound to refer to the book many times! The hardcover edition will withstand years of use.


This is the electronic edition, which can be instantly downloaded to your computer.


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Why is correct grammar important?

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