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Few historical figures are more mysterious than Nostradamus. Where did the information he put into his books come from, and how did it come to him? What sort of man was he? And why did he write in such a deliberately obscure way?

For the first time ever, we are able to bring you fascinating insights from this amazing man's actual life. In living Among Angels, Angel John tells us in his own words about his incarnation on Earth as Nostradamus. He gives us unique insights into the man's life and the turmoil he suffered before realizing that the visions he experienced were meaningful.

We learn how a poor farm boy was adopted by a physician, who schooled the young man and trained him in the profession. How, later, as a family man and successful doctor, he began to have visions that tormented him and invaded his sleep, causing him to question his own sanity. And how he eventually found that committing the visions to paper released his pain.

Whether you believe in reincarnation or not, the Angel Stories section of the book makes compelling reading. Many of the facts presented in the Angel Stories are at odds with the historical record - decide for yourself which to believe!

Living Among Angels is the first book about angels that has been written by angels.

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