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Living Among Angels

Living Among Angels is the first book in an amazing trilogy that examines man's perception of himself, the human experience, and the different kinds of souls living on Earth. Nothing this revealing has ever been published before!

It is the only book about angels written by angels. Discover what these angels experienced living among us - read stories of their lives, in their own words. Many of those lives were obscure or unknown, but others are well-known, such as:

Nostradamus Joan of Arc Thomas Beckett
Betsy Ross John Burgoyne
John Quincy Adams
Lafayette Carausis of Rome

Are you curious and adventurous enough to find out more?


Living Among Angels comprises three parts:

Part I: The Reality of Life

  • Are you an Angel?
  • Creation
  • Evolution
  • The Personality and Permanent Atoms
  • Relationships
  • Reisitance
  • New at Incarnating
  • Maturing Personalities
  • Guardian Angels
  • Personality Groups
  • Karma
  • The Akashic Records
  • Reincarnation
  • Veiled Incarnations
  • Why Thought Can't Understand Reincarnation

Part II: The Life Experiences of Angels

In this part of the book, we present brief stories of actual incarnations experienced by seven angels.. Read fascinating descriptions of these angels' experiences and learn something about the purpose each incarnation served.

Part III: Understanding What Life is all About

  • The Missing Link
  • The Journey
    • Experience
    • Discernment
    • The Source of Resistance
    • Power
    • Thought
    • Meditation
    • Pendulum Dowsing
    • Neither Believe nor Disbelieve


You can find more information about this book and the authors at the Living Among Angels website.

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