Index Editorial Services

Editorial Services

We offer editorial services to businesses around the world!


We can author articles for newsletters, annual reports, magazines ... anything that needs to be written. We can do the research, or write the article based on information you provide.


There's nothing more embarrassing than sending out a letter to all your shareholders, only to discover that there was a major typo in it. Let us proof read your sales letters, newsletters, reports, and so on BEFORE you send them out.


Do you know what you want to say, but it just doesn't read as well as you would like it to? Let us edit it for you - we'll make you sound good.


We can also do the complete layout for you - from a two-page newsletter to a complete book.

Web Sites

Your company's website is very often the first contact that prospective new customers make with your company. First impressions REALLY DO count, and if there are typos or grammatical errors, many people will immediately be "put off". Let us check your web pages for you!

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