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Don't have time to do the Search Engine Optimisation for your Web Site?
Let us help you with it!

We now offer search engine optimsation services using the techniques described in Pat Bensky's Book Five Simple Steps to Improve your Website's Search Engine Ranking. Here's what we can do:

SEO Report

This is the first step. We will look at your web site in depth and then provide you with a written report detailing exactly what should be done to improve its search engine ranking. This report will contain SPECIFIC information and instructions on what steps you need to take. We won't waste your time with pages of waffle about theories and explanations of why things work: do you really care? No! You just want results, and you want them as quickly as possible. The report is yours to do with as you wish: go ahead and implement the suggested changes yourself; give them to your webmaster to do; or hire us to help you with some or all of them. The price for this service is just £75.

Page Building

Need some help creating the reference pages for your web site? (If you haven't read the book and you don't know what Reference Pages are, or how important they are, see the explanation). We will create your reference pages either using information you provide or that we research. Every page will follow the guidelines described in Five Simple Steps to Improve your Website's Search Engine Ranking: they will be well-written by a trained editor and thoroughly checked for spelling and grammar. They will be attractive pages that fit in with your web site's design. Our fees for this service depend upon how much work is involved (for example, whether you will provide us with all the necessary details or we need to research it). Your first step will be to order an SEO Report – when your report is delivered to you we will then be in a position to provide you with a quote should you wish us to do so.

Take the First Step to Getting your Web Site SEEN!

Order your customized SEO Report now and you could soon be seeing results!

Reference Pages

Reference Pages are pages on your web site that are individually and specifically created to attract people to your site. Each page is carefully constructed to achieve high rankings in the search engines when people are looking for specific things. Reference Pages, and how to create them, are described in detail in the book.

Five Simple Steps to Improve Your Website's Search Engine Ranking