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The Grammar Cookbook

grammar book

"its" or "it's"?
"e.g." or "i.e."?
"who" or "whom"?
"complimentary" or "complementary"?

"stationary" or "stationery"?
"palate", "pallet", or "palette"?

Find the answers to these - and many other - grammatical puzzles in
The Grammar Cookbook!

Why is correct grammar important? Read my comments on this topic!

Five Simple Steps to Improve Your Website's Search Engine Ranking


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a relatively new science that every webmaster needs to study. What use is your web site if nobody can find it in the popular search engines? SEO gurus will have you believe that effective SEO requires weeks of study, experience, hard work, and, perhaps, a little black magic to get your web site in the first page or two of search engine results.

But they are wrong!

Anybody who knows how to create a basic web page can use the techniques described in this book to boost the search engine rankings for their web site. Just follow the simple five-step method to quickly achieve effective results. In fact you've probably completed at least two of the steps already ...

The Database Publishing Handbook: FREE ebook

The most comprehensive guide to database publishing available!
Got some data in a database or spreadsheet, and need to turn it into a nicely-formatted catalog, price list, directory ... Or other type of publication? You need to know about database publishing! This free book explains what database publishing is all about, and describes:
- How to get your data into a suitable format
- What ARE the suitable formats?
- How to automatically format the data in the styles you want
- How to include images with your published data
- How to publish it using various "publishing destinations" - eg, page layout programs.
... And lots more!